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Trident Pneumatics located in Coimbatore, India is the leading manufacturer of a wide range of Compressed Air treatment products since 1988. Trident offers innovative and customised solutions catering to specialised application requirements of varied industries and thereby, ensure the availability of quality air and gas for all applications.

Oxygen Generator


Oxygen is the most important clinical gas used in health care centers and Hospitals. No modern hospital can manage without oxygen gas Generator. Pure oxygen is an essential resource in the operating room during anesthesia, for the respiration of patients, and in the intensive care or neonatal units. The constant high demand for this gas renders substantial expenses for hospitals. Currently, hospitals buy oxygen from bulk medical oxygen plant Manufactures. The bulk oxygen is bought in both liquid and gaseous form. These sources of oxygen can become an economic burden as large hospitals can spend more money in a year on oxygen supply alone.

Fortunately, Medical oxygen can be generated on-site in any hospital, clinic, or health care center in a much more cost effective manner. Using pressure swing adsorption method oxygen is generated and it is being used, thus enabling a health care center to be self-sufficient in meeting its oxygen demand.

PSA methods are capable of producing oxygen in medium capacity. This is ideal for an on-site hospital unit, because it is a safe process with reasonable energy and area requirements. And acceptable as per USP and Global standards. (Read Catalouge for detailed Principle and Details).The oxygen plant manufacturers in India by Trident, provides bulk oxygen cylinder to the hospital for medical use which is cost-effective and also most reliable.


  • Produce as per Demand
  • Avoid Cylinder Availability Issues
  • Avoid Logistics and Management Problem
  • Faster payback period within a year and lesser
  • Eliminate safety risk associated with handling high pressure cylinders


The Trident nitrogen gas generator systems are perfect for anyone who wants their own flexible and reliable supply of nitrogen without compromising on quality. Trident Nitrogen gas Generators allow you to produce the gas exactly where you need it, when you need it.

Trident nitrogen gas generator are designed in such way, it will work at site 24 x 7 without any trouble. All the components used in generators are highly reliable and tested, validated for long life period. Optional safety precautions can been addressed (Stand by gas supply mode automatically in case of any failure mode like, Purity, Power failure etc.) to give uninterrupted gas supply. However trained service personal will attend the service calls for breakdown as well as preventive maintenance. Necessary documents will be provided and training will be given to the users to handle minor breakdowns.


  • Produce as per Demand
  • Avoid Cylinder Availability Issues
  • Avoid Logistics and Management Problem
  • Faster Payback period within 1Year and lesser
  • Eliminate safety risk associated with handling high pressure cylinders
  • Can be used as Mobile application also.
  • Avoid unused gas in the cylinder.
  • 45 service outlet in India
  • Centralized service logging system
  • Onsite Training for the users
  • Genuine spares available at nearest point
  • Competitive and effective Annual Maintenance Contracts available at the end of warranty period

Air Dryers


An ideal solution for clean and compressed dry air is provided by Trident , one of the experts among the Refrigerated air dryer Manufacturers. Extensive design strategies and prototype testing culminates in Trident’s amazing products that offer a constant dew point of +3 degree Celsius. Also, the CS series of Trident offers a very low running cost unlike the other air dryers.

The cold dry compressed air passes back through the secondary side of the Air to Air heat exchanger where it is reheated by the incoming warm air. Reheating the outgoing compressed air increases the volume of the air enabling it to do more work and it also prevents downstream pipe sweating. Trident heat exchanger has no extended surfaces or sharp corners that collect dust, dirt or oil residue. Their self cleaning smooth surface tube in shell and tube design will maintain the same heat transfer efficiency through out the dryer's life. Any dust, dirt or oil will be washed off from the air system along with the condensed moisture at the De-mister.

Some of the key features are

  • Maintaining of a consistent pressure dew point
  • Control of the condensing temperature for atmospheric variations in temperature
  • The safety of compressor provided by the HP cut switch
  • The advanced mimic display that indicates the functions and faults if any
  • The provision of Trident automatic drain valve in Demister and Heat exchangers for efficient dryer functioning.


Trident pneumatics are perfect examples of vast knowledge, rich experience, meticulous engineering and skilled compressor air dryer manufacturer, which enable it to develop dryers with highest quality performance. The Dryspell Plus series launched successfully by Trident in the Indian and overseas market is a proof of guarantee, warranty and reliability. These dryers are also very economical, manufactured in large quantities, designed and tested to provide 100% clean dry oil free compressed air and require no maintenance in comparison to the refrigeration dryers of it’s range. The Dryspell plus is an ultimate compact dryer with valves and piping built into the manifold. These dryers are suitable not only for point of use but also are available for 10, 20, 30, 45, 60, 100, 125,200, 250, 300, 375 scfm. Paint shops, instrumentation, hand tools, powder coating, CNC machines, automobile garages, dental equipment, pharma are some areas where these dryers are applied extensively

Some of the key features are

  • Provides manifold construction
  • Provides a shuttle valve for low pressure drop that is controlled by the microprocessor
  • Equipped with a built in microprocessor based controller
  • Equipped with a pre filter that has a borosilicate glass fibre element
  • The pre filter drain valve is not only timer based but also gets activated by the controller


  • They save energy besides economising purge by reducing the loss of purge to a minimum of 50%.
  • They have controllers with lucid functional displays that are programmable.
  • They secure undisturbed operation despite tower changeovers.
  • The moisture load is lessened by the auto drain valves in pre and oil filters. Therefore the desiccant life is secured without any extra cost.
  • The inclusion of a unique purge economizer in the latest microprocessor based controller which facilitates manual setting up of the dryer load. This device can not only accept upto 3 compressor load/unload contacts but also compute the dryer load dynamically. According to these settings done, the purge can be set. Also, the purge air can be controlled according to the pressure input accepted by the controller.

Drain Valves


The EDV/CTD valve series represents the ultimate in valve performance. Decades of experience of valve manufacturing have allowed us to identify the issues commonly associated with drain valves and undertake the necessary improvements required. Today the EDV/CTD valve incorporates an ultra-reliable MCU, which features dual control of both drain cycle and drain valve open-time. The oversized orifice design and a specifically designed solenoid operator section allow rapid discharge of dust and particles.


The drain is controlled by a timer. The timer module periodically activates the valve. The valves are designed for dirty liquid and handle all types of condensate. These direct acting models have 2.5 mm orifice. The timer has adjustments for both Drain and cycle time. Further there is manual flush button to drain excess condensation if required.


  • All new Mechanical clean function
  • Proven Reliability
  • All digital Electronic Circuit for time control
  • Water proof IP 55 enclosures, ideal for outdoor installations
  • Adjustable Drain and Cycle times
  • CE Approved


  • Receivers
  • Dryers
  • Heat Exchangers

Clean Sweep Microfilters


Trident has thrived in the business of catering to various requirements of the customers by offering them with the best of Compressed air filter Manufacturers. These requirements range from the various commercial to the various residential sectors for the filtration of oil and water. There are many varieties available in Trident’s wide spectrum of filters that are suitable for all compressed air systems namely the sensitive and CNC m/c, painting systems, instruments, packaging etc. These filters feature accurate performance, superior quality and resistance to wear and tear which makes them highly demanded in the market. Their sound infrastructure in micro filter manufacturers has made this possible.


Trident Medical Vacuum filter series are designed to remove the liquid, solid and bacterial contamination from the suction side of the vacuum pump and the potential biological infection of the surrounding environment. It Complies with HEALTH TECHNICAL MEMORANDUM 2022.

The filter elements and housings are designed for medical use and can be utilized in hospitals, pharmaceutical laboratories, dentist’s surgery and other critical areas.

These are Installed on suction side of vacuum pump to remove bacteria and prevent contamination to the pump and atmosphere.

Biological liquids are collected in a transparent drain flask, which can be easily removed for sterilization. The flask should be visually inspected daily and removed for cleaning and sterilization. The filter element must be replaced at least every6 months or when the pressure drop reaches 100 mbar.(ΔP gauge,pointer moves to Red)

The efficiency of the installed filter elements exceeds the 0.005% penetration specified in HTM 2022 for infectious disease units, when tested in accordance with BS 3928.