About Us

TRINITY TRADEX is your trusted Partner for Sourcing Industrial Equipment in Eastern India with a Focus on Air Compressor, Air Dryers , Pneumatic Tools DG Sets, PET Bottle manufacturing Plants and Sewage Treatment Plants in the Industrial Division .

With a team of 60+ people and an establishment of close to three decades, our customer focus makes us the most preferred partner in the East for users and principals.

MD Statement

Trinity Tradex has been passionately serving industrial and construction customers in the East since 1995. At the centre of our existence lies unwavering customer focus. The other fulcrum of our journey is our emphasis on our own people, who help in achieving our long-term vision - sustained growth by way of customer satisfaction and resultant customer choice as a preferred supplier and service provider. At Trinity Tradex, we earn our customers’ trust and satisfaction by prompt and dependable customer service, quality assurance, training, and engineering support. All of this, contribute to the value our customers have come to expect. We are committed to implementing and maintaining the highest quality standards. In short, we aim for excellence in everything we do to serve the huge family of our customers unfailingly round the year.

The Team

Trinity Tradex Team

Time Line

  • 1995
    Trinity Industrial Services was formed
    Association with Trident Pneumatics
  • 1999
    Association with Chicago Pneumatic
  • 2001
    Association with Fowler Westrup
  • 2002
    Branch Office at Jamshedpur
  • 2008
    Trinity Tradex Pvt. Ltd. was formed
  • 2010
    Branch Offices at Durgapur & Siliguri
  • 2016
    Installation of 500th Chicago Pneumatic make Air Compressor
  • 2018
    Association with Mahindra Powerol
    Association with Synergy By Sidel
  • 2020
    Celebrated 25 years of Customer Service
  • 2021
    Installed more than 100 nos.Trident make PSA type Oxygen Generator
    Plants in Eastern India